Famyne EP

by Famyne

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FDJ Excellent triple header of doom! Great vocals and solid musicianship throughout.
A full album next please! Favorite track: Enter The Sloth.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote All kinds of doom styles in these 3 tracks. This is doom metal 101. Favorite track: Enter The Sloth.
DJL68 thumbnail
DJL68 Warm, enveloping doom that brings Solstice to mind, but only briefly as this stands quite convincingly on it's own. This is excellent- The next time 'round should be a monster.... Favorite track: Tower.
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Famyne are:

Vocals: Tom Vane
Guitar: Alex Tolson
Guitar: Alex Williams
Bass: Chris Travers
Drums: Jake Cook


released November 6, 2015

Composed by Famyne.
Recorded and produced at Emeline Studios by Ian Sadler.
Mixed at Emeline Studios by Ian Sadler, Chris Travers and Tom Vane.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.



all rights reserved


Famyne Canterbury, UK

Formed in September 2014, Famyne are a Canterbury Doom-Metal band, with influences from all across the Heavy Metal genre, and beyond.

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Track Name: Enter The Sloth
There is a creature,
Lying in wait inside our minds,
He leaks into your skull,
And leaves a shell behind.

Unholy demon,
And a curse to all mankind,
Terra-form you,
Into that which you despise.

Under its spell,
You come to lose all self-respect,
Trapped in a cycle,
Of indulgence and regret.

Then in your darkest times,
With none to call your own,
You realise my friend,
That you are not alone.

Depravity is entering me,
And I do not want to become one of them!
Silently it changes me in time,
And I do not want to become one of them!
Enter The Sloth.

Skin turns white,
Just like a dying sun,
Now I cannot escape what I've become,
We’re taught all the lessons,
But we never even learn.

Still at night,
I try and fight,
But I can’t hide as I,
Become The Sloth.

Yeh, YEH Enter the Sloth!
Enter the Sloth!

Do you want to return to your human form?
To a time ‘fore the joy in life from you was torn?
It’s too late to escape the creature you've become,
Still you cry for an end,
But it has just begun.

I'm waiting in the wings
I'm taking everything,
You give your very soul.
You sink into the wall.
Track Name: Tower
I might offer comfort hollow,
Lie right to your face,
Drown your guilt,
And ease your sorrow,
Hold you in my gaze.

The truth is I can only serve,
To weaken your resolve,
Stare into these eyes of fire,
Feel the flame engulf.

Wait, take the blade, and bathe me in your light,
Embrace the pain and fade into the night,
Behind those crying eyes I seek to find,
What is buried in your mind.

Come inside my bride to be,
I’d kill to lie with you,
Leave your body here with me,
Beside the other two.

Upon this night I seek to send,
Your spirit to the sky,
To rid one’s self of suffering,
You need only have to die,


Join with me one final time,
I’m locked inside your cell,
Left for you a gilded taste,
Begin my life in hell,

I need not explain to you,
This hunger I retain,
Empowered by the witches
That I’ve slain.
Track Name: The Forgotten
The Forgotten,
Wait Forever,
The Forgotten,
Will Remember.

Look behind and you will see,
The Forgotten wait,
Patient they will be,
Trapped inside their Lucid Dream
You've no mouth to make a scream.

The Forgotten,
Lay a claim on us all,
As the nightmare unfolds,
Sleep no more,

The Begotten,
Of Dis-Pater shall reign,
As the dead claim this world,
In his name.

I will live to see you fall,
Blow your dreams across the wall,
The voices in your head are real,
I have lost the need to feel.

The Forgotten.