by Famyne

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Wearthless 08:27
Sing to me I’m an island I’ve no one To comfort me Without And within Undecided And out of time Awakened someone How I have found you A means to escape Volition denies I’ve a mind I can never leave Your visions survive me This circle of hate And stand by me Embroiled creator Affected by The Human cause The flower that’s watered Cannot grow Without the light and locked Inside your room Weightless Faithless Wearthless For too long I’ve been wrapped In the covers Of yesterday For life is a dye Of vibrant design And colour sublime Defined over time Awaken The child protected From everything that man must face For too long I’ve been gone Too far gone But now Mind is set The days Spinning round to night Away from me Away from you From the beginning You were there for me Unconditional love In your home Time has passed I can feel you’re Facing death now And we will join you In time Faceless hell My life is over Fear itself Lies on my shoulder Where will you be What has life got in store for you? There is no crime But to pine for a life anew This is a cycle You ride for all of your life Live for all your worth Live until you’re Wearthless Wearthless Wiped off the face of the Earth Wearthless Wearthless Wiped off the face of the Earth
Faustus 04:18
Buried is the key to life Kept away from you and I Far beyond and overhead Where the angels fear to tread I sought the edge of all that’s known Our kind denied, so long ago Within, desire, now given voice Resounding cries, once silent Buried is the key to life It’s too late for you and I After all the plans have failed And there’s nothing left to build I felt the urge but could not see The guiding hand that blinded me Soon I’ll emerge from violent sea To seek the end I long for A means to escape from decline The never-ending march of time Ascent, beyond the highest climb Where truth and life entwine I saw the end in front of me With auburn hair She smiled and laid in front of me Without a care Desire, as yet unknown to me I did convey And all I am and ever will be Was cast away Right there
Slave Ship 06:36
I. Prologue Visions of a future Earth After all we’ve done to her There is no room for us Man our mother’s plunderer The air is unbreathable And we must go Mother Nature weeps And reaves her world of people II. Alarm “Free your minds Open your eyes The end of this world is nigh!” “We must send a team Away from here To find a new home.” “The time has come To journey forth And find a planet Of another star!” “The end is nigh And we must fly Away from dying eyes.” III. Escape Fired our ship To the sky A seed to carry All of us Beyond the sun We speed as one Toward the Astral Plain The galaxy 2103 Our generation will never see Toward the stars To seed as one Beyond the Astral Plain IV. Farewell “Epsilon One You are alone The only one.” “We send you forth Into the unknown And what lies beyond!” “Your life-led ship By each generation Till search complete.” “As we expire You will live on Man will live on!” V. Lost Away from this Earth Two thousand years We travelled Through space we have drifted To find our celestial home VI. Found WELCOME, CREW THIS IS EPSILON TWO DEMI-HUMAN PRO-BIONIC ADAPTED SURVIVORS POST-HUMAN REMAINS OF A NEW CIVILISATION THROUGH BLENDING OF MAN WITH MACHINE A REFORMATION OF REASON, CULTURE AND PEACE WAS ACHIEVED TO AVOID DEVASTATION BEINGS SUCH AS THEE OF A PARASITIC NATURE ATTUNED TO DESOLATION DIRECTED BY A BASIC TENDENCY TO BREED AND ACHIEVE REDUPLICATION FOR REASONS SUCH AS THESE WE FORESEE THAT YOU WILL JOIN US MODIFICATION AND YOU WILL ACCEDE OR BE ELIMINATED VII. Epilogue Years of our travels Have rendered anew Species unfit for The light we once knew
Ghosts 06:03
Time Widow’s stare Enraptured Ghosts Haunt somewhere Underneath When there’s no one there Sun Fade too soon Too often Youth’s absence Finds you Fading out Till there’s not much left Bring back my heart I blocked the fear But lost it all Benumbed My fault Remove my eyes I’ve seen too much Wave goodbye Remove my mind I think too much Underneath Buried I still love
Tremor 05:26
A figure Dread Spectre Withholder Signed letter Behind you Beneath Destruction unknown ‘Neath The Moon Under stars Hiding beyond The smiles of the young A seep through Blades so fine Carried across A seed in the air Feel your years Old as hell Hell Fine There is another world Where I can belong Boring, indifferent The fear I’ve become There is another world But I can’t belong Pure and magnificent Where dreams die young Dreams die young Dreams die young I’ve seen enough Dreams die young Hell
Dreamweaver 09:32
He’s staring out the window Resigned to life enslaved A maze of introspection A mind he can’t escape His shame attained by other men The fruit of what they think of him Illusion of contentment A mask that eats the soul Dreamweaver Let me be free I’m tired of me I don’t think I can stand it I’ve been here for too long I tried to lead this simple life But I keep going wrong Our fears betray a prisoner Of Industry confined We fall down at the altar In vain To see the light You are not free You’ve a will And It binds you The future has been pre-ordained “But how can this be?” Cries the heart Deep inside you Surrender all need Put the self in exile Dreamweaver Consume my desire Provide me relief I need to be free For there is no end In all that I seek Continual becoming I can never be.


All songs written and performed by Famyne, except Ghosts: written by Famyne, performed by Famyne, Cat Ledgerwood (Cello) and Karen Joliffe (Viola & Violin).

Copyright © 2018 [Famyne] & ℗ 2018 [Famyne]. All Rights Reserved.


released September 22, 2018

Recorded and mixed by Ian Sadler.
Produced by Ian Sadler and Famyne.
Drums recorded by Mike Thorne at Rimshot Studio.
Additional production on Faustus, Ghosts and Tremor by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio.
Additional vocal production by Nicholas Mayes.
Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks.
Album Artwork by Vergvoktre, Russia.
Graphic design and arrangement by Roland Scriver at Familiar Ink.


all rights reserved



Famyne Canterbury, UK

Famyne combine elements of Doom, Stoner, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelia, Prog and Grunge, and are well known for their hypnotic, energetic live performances.

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